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Transport company platform

With the OPTICARRIER Carrier Platform, we reduce the number of required documents and speed up settlements.
With this modern tool’s help, our Partners can report their accessible vehicles, send transport documents and policies, update contact details and send data for invoices.

Over a thousand of our carriers use this Platform, meaning 61% of documents have been sent via OPTICARRIER.

How to get started?

By visiting the OPTICARRIER website -> click with the login details provided by your Forwarder.

From now on, everything you need to work with PKS is in one place.
Without filling a form in manually or with unnecessary formalities.

  • ongoing monitoring of the whole documentation workflow
  • pay period calculated from the moment you click Send Documents from the application
  • reporting the availability of free vehicles waiting for work and access to more loads
  • automatic verification of data correctness
  • vehicle availability reported on an ongoing bases
  • details from a freight forwarder for a commission.
  • limited to sending transport documents only
  • the ability to update your company data on an ongoing basis
  • information when to send scans and when to send originals of transport documents
  • application available on the phone, which significantly speeds up the payment for the service
  • consent to SKONTO by using the Carrier's Platform

Early payment discount

We are a trustworthy payer. We realise that both our and our partners’ financial liquidity is a really significant factor. As our position has been stable for many years, we are able to grant our transport companies with early payment discount:
the discount is 4%
The payment is completed within 48 h of receiving an invoice. The ultimate decisions on granting the discount is taken by PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa SA.

Accounting office

We specialize in providing accounting services for drivers who run one-man businesses as well as transport companies.
We keep the accounts based on flat-rate income tax together with VAT and revenue and expense ledger.
The subscription includes: issuing sales invoices, cost accounting, calculating VAT, VAT-7 taxes, JPK, submitting ZUS (social insurance) and US (tax office) statements

  • improve your business by entrusting it to experts with extensive experience,
  • save money thanks to the most favourable taxation form,
  • your invoices will be issued within 24 hours
  • professional tax counselling minimizes the risk of an inspection

Cooperating with PKS GO is a pleasure for both parties

Range of benefits for you:

  • dry export cargo to EU countries (1:1 and without pallet exchange)
  • actual market freight amounts (e-toll in Poland and EU included in the fee)
  • prompt payments on time,
  • favourable early payment discount conditions as we conduct payments within 48 hours,
  • installing telemetric systems (safety of the driver, vehicle and load),
  • self-billing
  • ferry crossing ticket availability and favourable prices for our commissions,
  • financial counselling,
  • favourable insurance conditions,
  • settlement based on scans of shipment documents,
  • assistance of an experienced freight forwarder.
  • What is more, there is the self-billing service for transport companies which simplifies and accelerates the settlement. Free and safe, with a guarantee of a correctly issued invoice.

We are at your disposal

Do you need something else? We are experts in our area. We will answer all your questions and then adjust the offer to your needs.

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