The OPTICARRIER Carrier Platform tailored to the needs of Carriers

At the beginning of March, PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa SA invited Carriers cooperating with the company to the OPTICARRIER Platform.

The innovative solution provides a whole range of possibilities. It enables sending shipping documents, transferring billing data in real time, and updating OCP policies. In addition, the Carrier’s Platform guarantees ongoing monitoring of the entire document flow thanks to the ability to send scans of documents at any time, bypassing the post office, without wasting time and money. Automatic control of correctly entering contact details to the forwarder from the order and information on when to send scans and originals of shipping documents improves communication. The payment deadline is counted from the moment of sending the documents. The list of amenities also includes an application available for smartphones and consent to SKONTO.

Lengthy formalities are history. Join the OPTICARRIER Carrier Platform.

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