FTL - Full Truck Load

Own fleet

In domestic and foreign transport, we use e.g. the fleet of our own cars. We provide our own transport based on a modern fleet that meets the requirements of Euro 6 class exhaust gas purity, equipped with a telematic management system that allows registration and monitoring of driving parameters. The average age of our cars is 3 years. We carry out full truck loads using Mega semi-trailers.

Organization of goods’ loading and unloading, prompt delivery “just in time on fixed routes. We have our own fleet of vehicles with various semitrailers: mega, standard or isotherm ones as well as a network of proven carriers. There are means of transport at our disposal which are adjusted to shipping food (fresh, frozen, fry food), ADR goods and cosmetics.
We provide import, export and transit services within Europe. We operate road freight, terminal service, ferry crossings and insurance.

FTL transport
We provide direct full-track load transport of palletized and non-palletized consignments from a forwarder to the intended target.

Refrigerated transport
We complete FTL transport and LTL transport at controlled temperatures. We can provide shipment in single-chamber, dual-temperature or doppelbock refrigerators with 22.5 tonnes gross capacity. A thermograph printout at loading/unloading is a part of the standard service. Apart from that, our semitrailers have valid ATP certificates as well as other certificates which are necessary for transporting food.

Hazardous materials transport (ADR)
We provide transport of select hazardous materials, i.e. Goods which could be dangerous to people, animals or natural environment due to their physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Additional fees are charged for ADR. Including a proper requirement in such an order is a necessary condition.

FTL - Full truck load It fills up the entire cargo area of a vehicle.
LTL - Less than truck load are general cargo consignments in an amount that does not fill up a whole vehicle
FCL - Full Container Load

Our offer

General cargo transport on pallets 1-5
Import general cargo lines
Express shipments
LTL on pallets in Europe 6 - 28
Export general cargo lines
Transport by vehicles with lifts

Do you need something else? We are experts in our area. We will answer all your questions and then adjust the offer to your needs.

Why is cooperation with us worthwhile?

High quality We care about our customers by providing them with top quality service.
Guarantee of security Wiemy, co robimy. Jesteśmy w trasie od prawie 60 lat.
New technologies They help us transform expectations into outcomes. Always in the service of our customers.
Full satisfaction We like what we do and we are experts at the job. We want to do it the best possible way.

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