We operate comprehensively!

We have:

storage space
4000 m2
oading ramps
Zero gates
racks with pallet slots (EUR)
Mesh shelves
800 kg
reFront-loading reach truck with 2.5 T carrying capacity, Two 2 T carrying capacity trucks, 2 handcarts
20 000 000 PLN
Loading & uploading
  • Tilts and goods on pallets
  • Containers and goods on pallets
  • Containers and goods on pallets
  • Loading/unloading time: 30 min – 2 h
We store:
  • Grains and additives for animal feeds
  • Electronic goods
  • Construction materials
  • ADR
  • Air conditioners
  • Solar collectors
  • Bottles

Our offer

General cargo transport on pallets 1-5
mport general cargo lines
Express shipments
LTL on pallets in Europe 6-28
Export general cargo lines
Transport by vehicles with lifts

Do you need something else? We are experts in our area. We will answer all your questions and then adjust the offer to your needs.

Why is cooperation with us worthwhile?

HIGH QUALITY We care about our customers by providing them with top quality service.
GUARANTEE OF SECURITY We know what we're doing. We've been on the road for almost 60 years.
NEW TECHNOLOGIES They help us transform expectations into outcomes. Always in the service of our customers.
FULL SATISFACTION We like what we do and we are experts at the job. We want to do it the best possible way.

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