Domestic and international transport

FTL - Full Truck Load

FTL stands for Full Truck Load which fills up the entire cargo space. It is dedicated to large cargo, food transport and goods which require prompt delivery. The route is defined according to the customer’s orders.

Transport of general cargo

LTL - Less Truck Load

The available space is divided among various forwarders, who pay only for the transport of their cargo. General cargo transport is the favourable solution in case of smaller loads and varied target destinations for shipments.

Contract logistics

We support the supply chain

Storage logistics supports companies throughout the supply chain. From delivering the goods from a factory or port, through storage, repackaging, labelling and assigning numbers to goods, piecing together, preparing for shipment to delivering to the consignee and collecting returns.

Our offer:

General cargo transport on pallets 1-5
Import general cargo lines
Express shipments
LTL on pallets in Europe 6-28
Export general cargo lines
Transport by vehicles with lifts

Do you need something else? We are experts in our area. We will answer all your questions and then adjust the offer to your needs.

Our offer:

  • Handling unloading/loading/transloading completed depending on the order. Container stuffing/stripping – we perform services connected with unloading /transloading /loading containers.
  • Short and long-term storage with guarantee of storage on racks or the floor, depending on recommendations.
  • Sorting, completion, repackaging, stretch wrapping and labelling we prepare goods for storage and distribution according to the received specification.
  • Reporting warehouse inventories and quality control for the Customers to know what happens to their goods.
  • Distribution, domestic and international transport through organising transportation all over Europe, regardless of the amount of goods that need to be transported or the way of packaging.
  • Reverse logistics consists in managing complaints and returns which make up for even 4% of costs in the sector. An efficient flow of goods is our goal.
  • Insurance we will select the most favourable fixed insurance offer from the market’s leading insurance companies.
  • Electronic documentation workflow as sustainable development does matter to us.

We are at your disposal

Do you need something else? We are experts in our area. We will answer all your questions and then adjust the offer to your needs.


    Attention to professionalism

    Our transport and storage processes have been designed to provide the Customer with relevant information at every stage. We constantly keep in touch with our drivers. Our systems are integrated with the fleet telematics. Status changes are updated on an ongoing bases and shared when needed.

    We consult with clients and transport companies on all the potential changes in the order completion schedule. We are proactive and experienced so we can efficiently identify possible difficulties. Each time, we offer optimum solutions as the continuity of the supply chain is our priority.

    Tradition leads to development

    With the use of partner storage spaces X-DOCK all over Europe, we can provide acceptable delivery time at the lowest possible cost.
    Cross-docking allows us to complete Clients’ orders at different stages of the supply chain with minimised storage time. If needed, we provide comprehensive storage operation regardless of location.

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